Temagami Forest

What is the Temagami Forest?

The Temagami Forest is within the North Bay administrative district of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), and is situated north of North Bay and south of Elk Lake. It is bounded by Lake Timiskaming to the east, the Sudbury Forest to the west, the Timiskaming Forest to the north, and the Nipissing Forest to the south.

The organized municipalities of New Liskeard, Haileybury, Cobalt, Temagami, Latchford, Dymond, Harris, Hudson and Coleman are located within the unit.

The majority (94%) of the Temagami Forest is comprised of Crown land. However, only approximately 2/3 of the crown productive forest land is available to forest management with the remaining area found in provincial parks, conservation reserves and other “no forestry” land uses.

The Temagami Crown MU remains as the only Crown Management Unit in the province that has never been converted to a Sustainable Forest License (SFL). However, 2016-17 represents the first year in which the majority of forest management functions will be carried out by a third party under contract with the MNRF.

Commencing in the 2016-17 operating season MNRF initiated two contracts for the Temagami Forest with First Resource Management Group Inc. as a:
a) ‘Supplier of Forest Operations Compliance Monitoring, Administration and Silviculture Services’
b) ‘Supplier of Forest Management Planning and Related Services’
The delivery of forest management products and services is a legal obligation under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act. The agreements outline tasks that will be carried out by MNRF or contracted out on MNRF’s behalf, including compliance monitoring, forest management plan amendments and annual planning (AWS) and reporting (AR).

First Resource Management Group Inc. understands that it is critical that this obligation is met for MNRF and further, that it be met in a trouble-free manner. The delivery of forest management products and services is more than just a legal obligation, however. Every forest management unit is unique, with special issues, history, and players.
• FRMG undertakes all processes and prepares all products consistently with requirements of law, in particular the Crown Forest Sustainability Act (CFSA), the Environmental Assessment Act, and the Endangered Species Act, and Ontario’s forest policies, regulated forest management manuals and guides.

• FRMG provides any GIS services required to support forest operations in a manner that meets the technical requirements that may apply.

• An FRMG Registered Professional Forester undertakes all activities that are required to be undertaken by an RPF, as provided by the Ontario Professional Foresters Act.

• FRMG provides all forest management planning and reporting activities in accordance with the requirements of Class EA declaration order MNR-71 and the CFSA regulated manuals.
First Resource Management Group Inc. understands that MNRF is seeking a service provider who views the development of forest management products and delivery of forest management services as an opportunity to address the unique situation created by these issues, history, and players as a means to ensure that the forest is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

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